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Last Updated on September 7th, 2018
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1. General Disclaimer
Heather Reiss-James (Drug & Alcohol Counsellor Certificated) and Lou Reiss-James of the Ascension Explorers team are not qualified psychologists, nor qualified counsellors, and offer their insights and advice alongside channelled Ascended Masters for guidance only. Their knowledge of the human condition is based on intuition, inner knowing, channelled information and life experience. The information that is shared during this webinar are for the purposes of providing support and assistance for all who choose to learn and heal. Any client testimonies that have been published are intended to represent an accurate example of results for a large cross-section of clients. It is, however, not guaranteed that everyone who accesses these goods and services will experience these results; as every individual's results are also determined by his or her personal motivation and desire to heal.

2.Healing Disclaimer
The content of our webinars is for informational purposes only and is for your own personal use and guidance. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or act as a substitute for professional medical advice. It does not replace the need for services by medical professionals, and as such, any changes to your current treatment should be discussed with your GP. Additionally, any questions concerning medical issues should also be directed towards your doctor. If you choose to rely solely on the information and resources provided herein, please be advised that recovery from trauma and painful inner programmes may be painful and difficult. Be advised that by participating in this webinar, that Heather Reiss-James, Lou Reiss-James and Ascension Explorers cannot be held liable for any possible ramifications you experience resulting from your participation in this webinar. 

Self Help disclaimer:
This website offers health, spiritual guidance and information and is designed for educational and self-help/growth purposes only. You should not rely on this information as a substitute for, nor does it replace professional medical advice diagnosis, or treatment.
Affiliate disclaimer:
This affiliate disclosure details the affiliate relationships of Ascension Explorers Limited T/A Energy Catalysts with other companies and products. Some of the links on are “affiliate links”, a link with a special tracking code. If you purchase anything from the affiliate links you are NOT paying anything extra, we will, however, receive a small commission which helps us maintain what we do.

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